Princess Bea’s Expensive Stylist

The other night I was having dinner with a group of friends at an Upper West Side restaurant in New York. We had reached the dessert course when all of a sudden a woman at an adjacent table started chatting with a member of our party. Before long, she was talking to all of us and when we got a good look at her we realized who it was: the Duchess of York (Fergie). She wasn’t wearing much make-up but still looked attractive. She was gracious but not afraid to show a little spunk. (She kidded one of my friends about what she called his “Hawaiian” shirt, even though the shirt’s print carried no whiff of Aloha.) By the time the Duchess left we were all quite charmed by her. All of this is a long-winded way of getting to today’s news: Princess Beatrice, Fergie’s elder daughter with Prince Andrew, has engaged the services of a professional stylist, who charges $2,400 a day. Supposedly, this is to “make amends” for her notorious wedding day headgear, which upstaged just about everyone filing into Westminster. I must protest this report’s calling the hat “a gaffe.” It was later auctioned off on eBay for over $200,000, which is to be donated to charity. I call that a success.

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