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Palin Premieres “The Undefeated”

As Reagan used to say, “There you go again.” Last month, Sarah Palin swooped into New … Read more »

“War Horse” Movie Trailer

Tom Cruise Tries Another “Mission”

It seems as if Tom Cruise hasn’t had a hit since the last century, doesn’t it? … Read more »

BBC Show Reveals Oliver Sacks

Yesterday, I told you about a BBC series I’d like to see: “Fake or Fortune.” Today, … Read more »

King Of The World In 3-D

James Cameron bowled over international exhibitors Tuesday night with exclusive footage of his 3D conversion of … Read more »

Florence + The Machine: Dog Days

Audiences Whoop At The Tchaikovsky

The best thing about the Tchaikovsky competition isn’t the jaw-dropping musical talent on show in all … Read more »