Your Weekend: EW Recommends

Movies: If you’re trying to avoid the new “Transformers,” and the thought of Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks in bed together doesn’t excite you, I suggest “Buck“: you know, the one about the horse whisperer. Television: “True Blood” has an episode this week called “You Smell Like Dinner.” Very Hannibal Lecter! Masterpiece Mystery continues its Poirot fest. Books: James Wood in the New Yorker plumped for the unpronounceable writer Laszlo Krasznahorkai, which boosted his stock on Amazon. Music: They Might Be Giants, an “alternative” pop-rock duo formed back in the Stone Age, has a new CD coming up: reserve it now. Otherwise, how about a little 1812 Overture for the 4th of July? Sports: The Yankees are back over .600, but I’m going to focus this weekend on the Wimbledon men’s final: can Rafa or Novak pull off another major? Finally: A reminder to those of you grilling outside over the three-day weekend: read the package to see exactly what is put in your meat.

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