Casey: The World (And I) React

First of all: thanks, Florida, for monopolizing our time yet again. But: to be honest, I hadn’t followed the case, had only a dim awareness of the apparently endless discussion of duct tape, stench from the car, and Casey Anthony’s visit to a tattoo place that had taken place within the endless cable palaver during the trial coverage. So when the not-guilty verdicts came down on the charges of murder and manslaughter (she was found guilty on the charges of lying to investigators), I seemed to be one of the few whose world didn’t flip sideways. I wasn’t that surprised and if anything pleased that the jury made up its own collective mind in defiance of the lynch-mob clamor on the cable channels. It can’t be said that the know-nothing know-it-alls on Fox News and Nancy Grace‘s Sweeney Todd cooking school accepted the jury’s verdict with modesty and maturity. It may have annoyed Nancy Grace (everything annoys Nancy Grace), but defense attorney Casey Anthony slamdunked it afterwards when he told the press that this verdict was a rebuke to the demonization of his client and the ugly, unprofessional spectacle of lawyers going on TV to talk about a case about which they clearly didn’t know as much as they thought they did. Just so I don’t get screaming emails from my readers who are still crying for “little Caylee,” let me say that I certainly don’t know if Casey is guilty or not. I just wish the cable commentators would stop acting like barking seals going barking-mad every time one of these trials arises.

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