Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: Yeah, I know that “Harry Potter” has already hoarded more gold than Croesus in Thursday midnight screenings, and I’ll get to it eventually, but the new movie I’d jonesing to see is Errol Morris’s “Tabloid,” about the infamous “Case of the Manacled Mormon.” Television: If you want your Sunday dark and gooey, “Breaking Bad” returns on AMC; if you want your Sunday more traditional, don’t miss the new Italian-detective series “Zen” on PBS’ “Masterpiece Mystery.” Music: Check out “Rave On Buddy Holly,” in which contemporary artists from Florence & the Machine to Lou Reed cover the early rock ‘n roller’s hits. If you want some lugubriousness to darken your summer fun, consider von Karajan and the Berlin’s account of Bruckner’s 9 symphonies. Books: I’ve just about finished “A Tale of Love and Darkness,” the searing Israeli childhood memoir by Amos Oz, an author frequently whispered for the Nobel lit prize. And I’ve been browsing Norwich’s “Absolute Monarchs: A History of the Papacy.” More scandal and intrigue than in a Murdoch tabloid! Sports: The final of World Cup women’s soccer happens Sunday. The U.S. team has been thrilling in the past two games. I didn’t think I’d be following the British Open very closely this weekend, but Tom Watson’s hole in one boosted my interest. Finally: How to survive the heat? Take off your clothes, sit in front of the fan, and sip The World’s Greatest Margarita. Recipe here.

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