Bunny Offers A Peek Into Edwards

I don’t think there’s an actress alive (maybe Jessica Lange before the plastic surgeons got her) who could portray Rachel “Bunny” Mellon (pictured). What movie star, practicing a profession that thrives on exposure, could convincingly say what Bunny tells a new interviewer: “I have to tell you, my dear, I hate publicity”? Bunny, for those of you who shamefully know nothing about the decoration of Jackie Kennedy’s White House, is embroiled in the John Edwards scandal, having given the ex-Senator beaucoup bucks to aid him in myriad ways. For this, the superficial, caddish Edwards (you know, a guy who made poverty his chief Prez-campaign issue while living in a 29,000 square-foot house) repaid her thus: when Bunny asked him to be at her side for the funeral of her daughter, Edwards begged off. Caroline Kennedy, also solicited for succor, showed up, but of course Miss Kennedy has class and Mr. Edwards has none.

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