Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: If you want to see “Cowboys & Aliens” or “The Smurfs,” that’s your business. Me, the only new flick that’s got my attention (mostly because Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are both at the top of my Young Hollywood list) is “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” Television: I may tape “Zen” this Sunday on PBS, even though the first two installments were disappointing. To be honest, I’m more excited about another Sunday show, “Heidi Fleiss: Prostitutes to Parrots.” With that title, how can you resist? Music: Yeah, I’ve been breaking out the Amy Winehouse this week, but I’ve been even more into Amy’s soulful precursors, especially Dusty Springfield. Books: I tried to read Don DeLillo’s novel “Underworld” when it came out in 1997, but couldn’t finish it. I’m barreling along now: spectacular! Sports: The strike may be settled, but as Jason Gay urges, “Slow down! You don’t have to rush right back to football. Football expects you to, but you can take your sweet time.” I’ll stick with baseball and golf for awhile. Finally: If Congress doesn’t settle the debt ceiling, maybe America will wake up to the folly of voting True Believers (i.e. Tea Partiers) into Congress. Even John McCain thinks on this issue they’re nuts!

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