Should You See The “Apes” Movie?

What does it mean that so many of my friends went to see “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” this past weekend? I guess a lot of them were seduced in part by the strong reviews the movie received. And they — and millions of other happy filmgoers — are driving the word of mouth, which leads me to believe that the flick won’t drop off significantly this coming weekend. What’s more, the sight in the trailer above of apes taking to the streets, fomenting revolution, and setting fire to things is eerily like the images we’re seeing out of London right now. But will I be among the “Apes” aficionados? Doubt it. At first, I resisted the movie because I’m allergic to James Franco these days. But he’s not really the point of it, the apes are. So I can’t not go because of Franco. I’ll have to find another excuse.

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