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HBO Oks Tysonesque Boxing Show

I would have thought that after James Toback‘s first-rate documentary about Mike Tyson (“Tyson”) and Mike’s … Read more »

Susan Boyle To Perform On “Talent”

Those of you wondering what the hell Susan Boyle‘s been up to recently are in for … Read more »

New Almodovar Movie: Trailer

The Man Who Set Manga In Motion

Laura Thompson reports: ‘A show based on the work of Japanese cartoon artist Osamu Tezuka – … Read more »

Blues Legend Dies At 96

Grammy-winning Blues musician David “Honey Boy” Edwards, believed to be the oldest surviving Delta bluesman and … Read more »

Topless Red Sonjas Sell Appliances

A year ago, the Danish retailer Fleggaard (kinda like Costco) went viral with an ad showcasing … Read more »

This Guy Uses “Faggot” 213 Times

One thing I neglected to mention in my posting yesterday about the pointless obscenity of Sunday’s … Read more »