Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: I’m usually up for anything with Helen Mirren as a blonde, but in “The Debt” she’s a brunette. I’m also usually a sucker for golf movies, but “Seven Days in Utopia” is taking a beating from the critics. Television: “The Big C,” starring Laura Linney and John Benjamin Hickey,” is winding down on Showtime, but it’s been picked up for another season. If you’ve never seen “Sunset Boulevard,” it’s on TCM Saturday night. Books: Don Peck’s “Pinched” has sobering news for those who think that America’s middle class jobs are ever coming back. I’m looking forward to reading Simon Garfield’s “Just My Type,” about typography, but not as much as I’ll bet Jerry Wade is. Music: “Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton Play The Blues” is moving the units even before it’s released. Dawn Upshaw’s “I Wish It So” never goes out of fashion. Sports: I’m still recovering from this week’s Yanks/Red Sox series, so I’ll watch whatever NFL preseason games happen to be on this weekend when I turn on the tube. Finally: Can we please celebrate Labor Day (be grateful if you have a job!) before we overdose on 9/11 remembrances?

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