Keira, Jude To Do “Anna Karenina”

I wasn’t keen on Keira Knightley (pictured) as Lara in the 21st-century remake of “Doctor Zhivago.” I have higher hopes for her as the title character of the about-to-begin-shooting movie of “Anna Karenina,” chiefly because it is scripted by Tom Stoppard, whom I would follow him into heavy artillery fire if it meant being able to savor one of his Russian-themed scripts (cf “The Coast of Utopia“). Jude Law will play the dashing Vronsky. Of course, in Tolstoy’s novel Anna is older than Vronsky and Jude is a decade senior to Keira, but that’s the “Anna Karenina” movie tradition, ever since the first of its multiple adaptations.

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