Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: Sarah Jessica Parker is a thoroughly wonderful woman, but would you, even if you’re a working mom, want to see her latest, “I Don’t Know How She Does It“? The only new movie to see is the one with My Future Husband: “Drive.” Television: The main event is TV’s annual exercise in self-aggrandizement: the Emmy Awards. Predictions here. Music: Been listening way too much to Coldplay’s single, “Paradise.” Only Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” (the Sutherland/Schwartzkopf version) has been able to drive Coldplay away. Books: Did Mopsy Maslin’s dismissal of Joe McGinniss’s Sarah Palin book in the Times diminish my appetite to read it? Hell, no! Sports: So many NFL games this weekend I don’t know where to turn: maybe Kansas City-Detroit. I’m getting drawn into the Rugby World Cup, even though the American team is mediocre. Finally: Vermont and other areas of New England are still suffering the effects of Hurricane Irene. Please contribute to relief efforts.

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