“J. Edgar” Trailer Is Released

Leonardo DiCaprio is playing FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover in Clint Eastwood’s “J. Edgar.” I am surprised by how wide-ranging the movie appears to be in terms of chronological scope: we see Hoover young during Prohibition and old during the Kennedy years. We see a flash of connection between Hoover and his number 2 and “special friend” Clyde Tolson. Judi Dench, as Hoover’s mother, casts a dominating shadow over the trailer, providing the background for her son’s pathological hatred of scum. She also seems to be the classic “smother mother” of two-bit psychoanalytical explanations for the cause of homosexuality. I hope her role in the final movie, which will have its premiere on Nov. 3 at the AFI festival, is less cliched.

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