Who Should Play Elton John?

The Guardian brings this slightly alarming news: ‘Elton John has announced that he’s working on “Rocketman,” an autobiographical “musical fantasy” charting the highs and lows of his pop career. The film, which will follow the singer, born Reginald Dwight, from his childhood as a piano prodigy through a career of playing hummable songs in silly glasses, is set to star a number of actors, who will play the piano man at different stages in his career – a la Todd Haynes’s Bob Dylan biopic “I’m Not There.” The film, which Elton is working on with “Billy Elliot” screenwriter Larry Hall, will start casting soon, so who do you think should take a march down the yellow brick road?’ I have no doubt that Cate Blanchett, who earned an Oscar nom for the Dylan pic, could do a brilliant young Elt: she’d rock that yellow duck plumage. As the more literally waddling, fleshy older Mr. John, John Goodman is too paunchy. How about Robbie Coltrane?

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