Lumley: Mutton Dressed As Lamb

The 65-year-old actress Joanna Lumley (pictured) is urging older women to throw out the rulebook and embrace “mutton-dressed-as-lamb” fashion – an edict that could have come straight from her “AbFab” character, Patsy Stone. She encourages the over-40s to scour stores geared to youngish women.

“I think it’s important for women to be daring and not worry what people say,” said Lumley.

“When it comes to fashion, I know I look good in cheap clothes. I suit the high street, not designer fashion. I love what people might call mutton-dressed-as-lamb shops. I love layering clothes, like young girls wear. I like being experimental with fashion.

“People often say you can’t have long hair over 40. Bullshit to that! I want long hair and I’m going to keep my long hair.

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