Why “Ides” Won’t Win Oscars

Harvey Weinstein can push the Oscar chances for “The Ides of March” all he wants, but this is one movie that isn’t going to go all the way on Oscar night. Why? Because George Clooney, who directed it, has another movie, “The Descendants,” that’s going to get an even bigger critics’ push than “The Ides of March.” (The NY Times today posted a tepid review.) Because, even though 2012 is an election year, I can’t see a movie so lacking in emotional uplift (“Ides” is about a political campaign, and pretty darn tough and cynical) winning Best Picture. And, because, every other autumn, as regularly as the leaves going gold, a George Clooney-associated movie (direction and/or acting) enraptures reviewers and Hollywood A-listers and scores lots of Oscar nominations, only to end up the bridesmaid on the big night.

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