Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: “The Ides of March” is the one for the myriad admirers of George Clooney; Real Steel is for fans of Hugh Jackman (I’m one) and of rock ’em, sock ’em robots. Television: I keep meaning to check out “A Gifted Man” on Fridays, because I like Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Ehle. Otherwise, it’s the usual Sunday-night clusterf**k: “The Good Wife,” “Pan Am, “Boardwalk Empire,” “Homeland,” and “Breaking Bad.” Music: I have absolutely no interest in any new music right now except Bjork’s CD “Biophilia,” which is released on Tuesday. It took three years and the assistance of both Apple and National Geographic to create it. Books: I’m finishing Michael Lewis’s new collection, “Boomerang.” It’s great airplane reading, because it’s divided into discrete sections, each of which was published as an article in Vanity Fair. Sports: Oklahoma/Texas is the big college football match-up. Baseball playoffs are ongoing, though less interesting without the Yanks. And I’m still keeping an eye on the Rugby World Cup. Finally: Best tribute to Jobs would be the creation of jobs.

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