“Seagull” Flying Off To Hamptons

Hot on the news that “Sweeney Todd” has been updated to the 20th century, we learn that “The Seagull” will move from Chekhov’s original Russian setting to modern-day New York. Who’s doing the desecration? Larry Moss, whose former acting students, David Duchovny (pictured) and Helen Hunt, will star in the project, which is called “Relative Insanity.” I learned about the film from geography-challenged The Guardian, which says that the movie will “relocate the action from the Russian countryside to the Hamptons in upstate New York.” And will the sequel take place in Edinburgh? You know, that big city in Wales?

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  1. Can’t wait! The themes in The Seagull are timeless and every bit as relevant today as they were in 1895 when Chekhov wrote the play. And it makes no difference if you are Russian, American or Samoan… narcissistic love is equal opportunity. This should be very interesting.

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