Beyonce And The World Of “Swagu”

“Party,” the Kanye and Andre 3000–featuring track from Beyoncé’s “4,” has quickly become known as the “swagu song.” Now, courtesy of Bey’s third music video in a month, an official definition for swagu: (n.) the ability to host a trailer-park fiesta in crazy technicolor fur getups and still look amazing. The video for “Party” is almost exclusively interested in pre-baby-bump Beyoncé’s many trashy-glam outfits, and, no surprise, she rocks them all: the hotpants, the leopard-print bustier, the Muppet vest — even the butterfly hair wings. Jay-Z protégé J. Cole hops on for Andre 3000 in the remix, and he and Bey share a nice moment on the back of a rusty truck. Also on hand are Solange, as the party’s D.J., and Kelly Rowland, who loves Beyoncé enough to submit to bunny ears. (This part is adorable.) One more thing: Dumpster swimming pools, still cool! Swag(u).

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