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Steve Jobs’ Sister: Moving Eulogy

It’s no surprise to me that Steve Jobs’ sister, Mona Simpson, gave a moving eulogy to … Read more »

Ruth Madoff: What Did You Think?

On last night’s “60 Minutes,” Morley Safer‘s approach to Ruth Madoff’s gullability about her husband’s crimes … Read more »

Best Undressed List: 30 Top Celebs

You may be enjoying a Halloween parade today; I’m enjoying a cheesecake parade. Led by the … Read more »

“Moneyball”: What I Thought

I finally saw “Moneyball” yesterday. It’s a very solid piece of work. Brad Pitt, as the … Read more »

Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: All the reviewers piling on poor Roland Emmerich for his Shakespeare-fraud movie, “Anonymous,” almost make … Read more »

Joan Rivers As 4-Year-Old Suri Cruise

I wasn’t sure what photo to post to celebrate Halloween weekend. I’m usually allergic to Joan … Read more »

Britney’s Concert: Ancient Egypt

Britney Spears is live in London, and it appears that only her diehard fans are happy. … Read more »