Michael Jackson Was 100% Straight!

Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon,” a new DVD, bills itself as “unprecedented look into the King of Pop’s fascinating life,” but, according to this review, the tribute seems mostly designed to prove that Jacko was 100 percent straight. The project is produced by David Gest for David Gest Productions and stars David Gest. The fact of David Gest — you know, the guy who married Liza Minnelli in a wedding that is one of the strangest public events of the past century — trying to prove that anybody is straight: well, it sends my system into such Irony Overload that I’m not sure I’ll survive typing this sentence. No matter: Gest swears that when officers once investigated Michael’s house, they founds stacks of straight porn – big women, little women, medium women, you name it, Michael fantasized about them. I guess the idea that plenty of gay men prefer watching straight porn is too complex for Gest to process. In his defense, anything smacking of the real world inhabited by mere mortals does not really enter into Michael Jackson’s Universe.

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