Musicals To Close During Olympics?

Major West End musicals are debating the possibility of closing for the duration of the London Olympics, according to financial website This is Money. The Really Useful Group, Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s production company, is reportedly considering closing West End shows including “The Phantom of the Opera” and “The Wizard of Oz” (pictured), with tourist bookings predicted to slide in July and August. Tom Jenkins, executive director for European Tour Operations Association, said: “We always see a decline in demand for a destination during an Olympic year, so some of this was to be expected. During the Olympic period itself there is almost no demand from regular tourists.” I can’t believe I’m the only person on planet earth who is as interested in attending sporting events as I am in attending live theatre. All the same, I have to admit that if given a choice between seeing “Mamma Mia!” again and seeing fencing or water polo I’d take fencing or water polo every time.

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