Brett Ratner Resigns; What Next?

I’m happy that Brett Ratner (pictured) resigned as producer of this year’s Oscar telecast. His “fags” remark was ignorant and ill-advised. All the same, it was just another example of Brett being Brett: his exuberant, messy, frat-boy-from-Florida self. I place more blame on the Academy for picking him as producer in the first place. Ratner has a long history of putting his foot in it, and the Academy panjandrums should have known that sooner or later his sneakers would stink. Will Eddie Murphy stick around as host? I suspect not. Hosting the Oscars was never on his bucket list, and the loss of his buddy Brett is a perfectly good excuse for him to bolt the job as quickly as he reportedly bolted the Oscars in 2007 when he didn’t win Best Supporting Actor for “Dreamgirls.”

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