Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: Two new movies this weekend that I might actually go see: “J. Edgar,” which has gotten love from New York critics but little love from Rotten Tomatoes; and “The Immortals,” an excuse for actors to have their personal trainers paid for. Television: Tonight, PBS broadcasts an American Masters about Bill T. Jones. On Sunday, “All-American Muslim” premieres on TLC. Music: The best-seller lists are starting to be dominated by Christmas albums. Boo! Hiss! Meanwhile, the country-music awards have pushed Taylor Swift to the top of the iTunes chart. Books: Julian Barnes’ novel “The Sense of an Ending,” which won the Booker Prize, is gorgeous. Sports: With Joe Paterno (justly) fired, Penn State will be trying mightily to beat Nebraska this weekend. Finally: Start saying your prayers for Billy Crystal, the new Oscars host.

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