Brad: To Quit Acting “In 3 Years”

I consider Brad Pitt’s newly stated desire to stop acting in three years as seriously as I treated Alec Baldwin‘s promise to move out of the United States if George W. Bush were re-elected. Not gonna happen. Brad may enjoy his role as proud papa to his old-lady-in-the-shoe-sized brood, and wish to spend more time with it, as well as on philanthropic causes. Problem is, the cost of his household — or should I say households, since the Jolie-Pitts seem to buy houses the way Herman Cain collects aggrieved women — is astronomical. At various times, every one of those six kids has had its own nanny. Is Angie going to have to be the prime breadwinner? And how can she bring home big bacon when she’s off making worthy but uncommercial movies about Bosnian war crimes?

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