Kate Bush’s Crazy Holiday CD

I can go years without running across a holiday CD that doesn’t look cookie-cuttered. This year, I’ve found one: the new “50 Words for Snow,” from Kate Bush. For you unschooled youngins out there, Kate Bush back in the 80s was kinda Bjork-like: your friends fell into two camps — love her or threaten to divorce you when you put that damn music on at home. I was generally the former. According to the Guardian, the new CD is “not strictly speaking a Christmas album.” It features a title track as follows: over pattering drums and an almost acid house synth line, Stephen Fry (if you don’t know who he is then you’ve never heard of Twitter) “enunciates 50 largely made-up synonyms for snow with fruity relish, while Bush offers encouragement from the sidelines.” Yeah, it’s daffy, but it’s the most admirably cockeyed CD of 2011. With the possible exception, of course, of…Bjork (“Biophilia”).

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