Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: I’m not sure that “The Descendants” should win the Best Picture Oscar, but I strongly recommend it: the entire cast, led by St. George (Clooney), is excellent. Television: PBS’s “Women Who Rock” airs on Friday: from Bessie Smith to Lady Gaga. (In a wrestling match, I know who’d win.) As for HBO’s Sundays, I know a lot of people who hate “Hung” but like the show after it, “How To Make It In America.” Music: Worth a listen for the title alone: “The Goat Rodeo Sessions.” The best musical name of the year is Childish Gambino. Books: If Israel bombs Iran, and then the whole world bombs Israel, will Israel cease to exist? If it does, I’m glad I got to read about “Jerusalem” first. Sports: Neither team is going to make the Super Bowl, but I’m still excited to watch the Giants play the Eagles. Finally: I’m so dreading the holiday season this year I’m thinking of moving to a Muslim country for a month to see if I can escape the orgy of commercialism and Christianity.

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