Waters: Still Trying For Fruitcake!

John Waters is truly inexhaustible. Just when I think I know everything about him — right down to the last tweeze in his left eyebrow — I read a new interview in which another detail makes me fall off my chair laughing. His latest spill: in my own newspaper, the Financial Times. He tells Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson that he’s still trying to make his Christmas film, “Fruitcake.” Other holiday tidbits: he’s doing his one-man act, “A John Waters Christmas,” in Boston on December 10 and in Portland, Maine on December 11. ā€œIā€™m trying to open up new questions such as, is Santa erotic?ā€ he says. Finally, in the FT piece I learned that he once went to midnight Mass with his pious mother and into the church ponced Divine — in full drag. We are all too normal now.

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