Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: The snob-appeal movie is “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” but my choice is “New Year’s Eve.” Yeah, I know it’s a marketing gimmick, but still. Television: Katy Perry is the host not the musical guest on “SNL,” but do we really think she won’t warble — with Robyn or anyone else? Now that Will and Alicia have broken up on “The Good Wife,” what next? Music: Adele is rolling not just in the deep but in year-end pollster praise. The Black Keys show that rock duos can still sell CDs. Books: “100 Unforgettable Dresses” by Hal Rubenstein makes a great holiday gift. The Christmas-eve scene in Thomas Mann’s “Buddenbrooks” may be the greatest holiday sequence ever written. Sports: Neither the Giants nor the Cowboys are going far in the playoffs (if the Giants even make the playoffs) but division pride is at stake. Finally: Already pooped from the holidays? Just remember: Two weeks and it will all be over.

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