Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: The only reason to see the new “Mission Impossible” movie is for the “Dark Knight Rises” teaser beforehand. For the artsies: I’ve seen “Carnage.” You don’t need to. Television: The “Homeland” finale on Sunday is must-see TV. For the PBSers, try San Francisco Ballet’s “The Little Mermaid” on Friday. Music: Can you believe it? Dodie Day’s new CD is a bestseller! All the hit singles right now seem to have “rain” in the title: “It Will Rain,” “Set Fire to the Rain.” Books: I keep thinking about reading Stephen King’s novel “11/22/63.” But every time I pick it up in the bookstore it melts in my hands. Instead, I’m reading Amitav Ghosh’s “Sea of Poppies.” What language! Sports: The Giants have a rare non-winning opponent. So do the Jets, but they’ll have a harder time of it. Finally: Why don’t I feel better that the Iraq War is “over”? Because taxpayers are still on the hook for private contractors!

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