Conchita Confronts Sean Penn

Maria Conchita Alonso may like to march in LGBT parades (she’s pictured in this year’s Los Angeles parade), but she also has a habit of supporting candidates, like John McCain, who denigrate gay people. So I’m not sure she’s the best advocate for human rights in this world. She thinks she is. Why else did she take it upon herself to confront Sean Penn at the Los Angeles airport on Sunday, attacking him for his support of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez? I agree with Alonso that Chavez suppresses freedoms in Venezuela (where Alonso grew up), and I often disagree with Penn’s politics, including his defense of Chavez. But her calling him “a Communist asshole” was silly, as was Penn’s calling her “a pig.” What is this? Third grade? Alonso subsequently apologized for calling him an “asshole,” but not for calling him a Communist. Sheesh.

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