“American Horror”: Finale Tonight

I’m a little amazed at how fast “American Horror Story” rocketed into the pop-culture consciousness. I shouldn’t be. It’s a Ryan Murphy show, after all, and Ryan is eerily attuned to what will work on television. Tonight is the show’s finale: I’m a little amazed by that, too. It’s not even Christmas, and a new show is done? That’s television now: shows have only 6 or 10 episodes and they’re finished — at least until next season!

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  1. Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story is going to be awesome! I love this show and I am sad it will be ending. I will be working late tonight at DISH but I will still be able to watch it using my Sling Box. I love my Sling box because I can watch any channel I subscribe to or even my DVR events, wherever I am. So missing this show, I think not!

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