“War Horse”: A Gay Interpretation

Because I am the Backstage Blogger for the Lincoln Center production of “War Horse, most reasonable people would agree that I know a thing or two about it in all its forms. I think most people would also concur that I’ve written a thoughtful word or two about gay shit. But I have to say that it would have never occurred to me to combine my professional roles and write a column about “War Horse” called “What Does A Gay Horse Eat?” Luckily, I’ll never have to: Peter Knegt has done it for me. While Knegt scores a few points with his interpretation, he’s sloppy about the details — even those that would lend support to his conceit. Most glaringly, in his insistence that the story’s main horse, Joey, is conducting a gay relationship with his best horse friend, he completely forgets the name of that supposed lover. It’s Topthorn. If I have to spell that one out, you really shouldn’t be allowed to read LemonWade.

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