Taylor Is Gay? How About Buffy?!?

Honestly, I don’t know why the fake Taylor Lautner cover of People generated such interest. I regularly receive, via Facebook and LemonWade, mock-ups of stories and covers about the supposed proclivities of all kinds of celebrities — some of them even as genetically gifted as the “Twilight” star. So call me jaded in the actors-coming-out department. Other reason why the Lautner joke misfired for me: I’m still loyal to Buffy. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s girl-power prodigy stalked and staked nearly every bulbous head with bared incisors menacing the graveyard mists and nightclub shadows of Sunnydale, a mission climaxing in the series finale with an Armageddon showdown where the outnumbered forces of light faced off against the pale legions of darkness and emerged torn and scraped, but victorious. Yet here we are, only a few years after Buffy retired her pointy stick, up to our glazed eyeballs with the children of Dracula. (P.S.: An attempt to re-boot “Buffy” as a feature film just had a setback.)

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