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“Great Expectations” For Douglas

You’re going to be hearing a lot in the coming year about 19-year-old actor Douglas Booth … Read more »

“Birds” Mystery Solved At Last

Scientists link eerie avian suicides of 1961, which inspired Hitchock’s cinema classic “The Birds,” to poison … Read more »

My Final “Nutcracker” Fix This Year

Coke, It Does A Body Good

I know, I know, this photo is really appealing to the lowest common denominator. But in … Read more »

Kennedy Center Honors: Review

The Kennedy Center honors, taped in early December but broadcast last night on CBS, were very … Read more »

The World’s Biggest Girl Group

It’s Japan’s AKB48, a group of 92 mostly teenage girls, armed with sugar-sweet pop tunes and … Read more »

2011: Best And Worst Dressed

In a year filled with fashion moments both chic (Fannings in Rodarte!) and horrifying (Kardashians in … Read more »