The Year’s Worst TV Already?

Last night had to be one of the sorriest nights in the history of television, and, no, I’m not talking about the fact that a man who thinks birth control should be illegal came within 8 votes of winning Iowa. I’m talking about “Work It (pictured),” the new ABC comedy about two unemployed guys whose only option to get jobs is to dress up like women. Typical dialogue: “I’m Puerto Rican. I’d be great at selling drugs!” If I didn’t need my Wednesday hit of crack (“Revenge,” new episode tonight at 10 EST), I’d boycott ABC for the entire year. The other candidate for the Dropped Jaw Hall of Fame: “Celebrity Wife Swap,” which is to “Wife Swap” as slime is to slime with worms. I happen to flit by the show when Gary Busey introduced the wife of disgraced preacher Ted Haggard, the “beard” Gayle Haggard, to a Lakota Sioux Indian who within seconds of meeting her declared the devout woman “a lost soul.” “Lost” doesn’t begin to describe “Celebrity Wife Swap.”

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