Is Spotify Losing Its Edge?

I tried very gently to suggest to Brooks Rowlett, who happens to be one of the tech-savvier people in my life, that maybe Spotify, the Internet music service, was losing some of its luster. I emailed him this article to back-up my hint. His response roared back at me faster than a “Game of Thrones” dragon: “I will swear by it until it stops serving me the music I desire. I’ve already been a paying customer for months since it’s been so amazing. Ten dollars a month for streaming (and on-the-go) music to listen to almost anything anywhere far outweighs the more expensive, more legal alternative–which is dropping a buck twenty-nine per song at iTunes for something I’ll be bored of in a week. I mean, if Spotify ever fails me, I can always go back to being a criminal and getting my music for free.”

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