Spotify vs. Google Music: It’s War!

Earlier today, I posted a defense of Spotify, the Internet music service, from Brooks Rowlett. Now, another Friend of LemonWade, Peter Mahler, has weighed in with a contrasting opinion. Here’s what Peter says: “Spotify is definitely losing it’s edge. I far prefer Google Music – it presumes that I already have a large music collection (which I do), but I can upload many thousands of songs on to it, and then have unlimited streaming of said songs to any phone/computer. Brooks will argue that I had to get the library of songs to load onto Google Music to begin with, but I still think that any money spent on building that is better than sticking the needle in for $10 every month for Spotify.” Another LW reader unknown to me, named Allan B., commented: “I still prefer to get my music the old-fashioned way: illegally and free!”

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