Madonna Tries To Make Jokes

Madonna is a spectacularly talented human being, but landing a joke has never been her strong suit. So when she told chat-show host Graham Norton that she had to go back to making a new CD and doing a new tour (I’m there; you with me, Brooks?), I groaned when Madge gave her reason: “I have to pay the rent. A girl has to earn a living.” She was referring to the fact that she’s spent the past three years directing a tepidly received movie about Wallis Simpson, “W.E.” I could live off the interest on Madonna’s interest, so don’t cry for her, Argentina. Her other remark to Graham, when asked about the release date for the CD (“MDNA”) was sharper: “It depends how quickly people hack in to my server and leak it.” If there’s some enterprising Salander out there, the hacking for Missy, who’s doing the Super Bowl this year, may be occurring as you read this.

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