Bafta Loves “Tinker” Not “War Horse”

Oscar frontrunner “The Artist” leads the nominees for this year’s British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards with 12 nominations, followed by “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” starring Gary Oldman (pictured) with 11. Though it wasn’t nominated for Best Film, “Hugo” also fared well with 9 nominations. I suspect the situation will be reversed with the Oscar noms: no Best Pic for “Tinker,” and a Best Pic for “Hugo.” On the other hand, I know a few Academy members who love “Tinker,” so maybe it will sneak in. (I found it murky and muddled and not as much fun as the Alec Guinness version.) Bafta also showered love on “Drive,” though curiously not on the person who has the best Oscar chances: Albert Brooks. “War Horse” was shut out of the Best Pic race at Bafta, but while its Oscar hopes are definitely dimmed I still think it might land a Best Pic nom.

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