How To Binge On TV Shows

Wintry cold days are ideal for battening down the bedroom hatches and engaging in some binge TV watching. HBO series are my idea of binge heaven: I’ve gone whole hog with “The Wire,” “The Sopranos,” and, very recently, with “Game of Thrones.” Wired contributor Mary H. K. Choi defines binging thus: ‘Seen on a laptop screen at 4 am, microprocessor superheating the bedsheets, shows like “Deadwood” and “Dexter” become portals right into the heads of their creators and the characters they’ve so painstakingly crafted. “You’re mimicking the main character’s experience, because they’re not getting breaks from their lives and you’re not either,” says Daniel Zelman, creator of “Damages.” “Their problems become your problems.” Speed is just distance divided by time, and binge consumption of a TV show collapses both—the time it takes to watch a whole run, the distance between you and the people who made it.’

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