Black Swans Invade The Runway

Most of the fashion flock is in Paris right now, ogling the men’s shows, so I got all excited when I glimpsed the Huff Post headline about “Black Swans On The Runway.” Had one of the Paris menswear houses (Gaultier? Vuitton? Lanvin?) sent out the men with wings spread wide? Alas, no. The headline refers to Brazil’s Sao Paolo Fashion Week, which sends models down the runways in local designs. Samuel Cirnansck, who showed bondage-inspired bridal gear back in June, presented a runway full of mini Black Swans at his Saturday show. The models wore layers of black and white feathers, chiffon and tulle. Their makeup, done by Celso Kamura, featured feathers around the eyes as well as the signature mask-like swipe of black eyeshadow. Is the look still fresh, or is it a little day-before-yesterday?

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