Whitney Is Broke, Hitting Up Friends

Crack is whack: also expensive. According to online reports today, Whitney Houston, who had the grace to seek help for her drug problem last year, is flat broke. She’s calling up friends trying to borrow $100. Her recent comeback album didn’t sell like she’d hoped, and her concertizing to promote it was just too stressful for Miss Whit. I’m glad to hear she has friends left who are keeping her from having to sleep in the gutter. She’s recorded some of my favorite pop songs of all time, and let us not forget, as we listen to Kelly Clarkson sing the national anthem at this year’s Super Bowl, that no one ever has and no one ever will sing that tune as killingly well as Whitney did in 1991.

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  1. I can’t describe my feelings about this artist. She came on the scene as watchable as a fashion model with a voice that could soar with softness and power. I’ve always wished she could get rid of her demons and sing just Gospel. Somebody, maybe she, has let herself down.

    by Keith Johnson on January 24th, 2012 at 8:11 pm

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