Straight & Gay Guys: The Difference

No, I’m not talking about the obvious one. I’m talking about their widely divergent difference in response to the size of Michael Fassbender’s dick in the nude scenes from “Shame.” I haven’t heard a single gay guy walk out of that movie and texting, “OMG, Did u see how big it was?” Meanwhile, straight guys seem to think it’s ginormous. (Click here for explicit Fassbender photos.) George Clooney asserted his heterosexuality on the Globes by making a golf-swing joke about Fassbender’s supposed monster. A gay pal of mine quipped, “Unless it’s a grow-er not a show-er, I’d say it was large average, certainly nothing impressive.” The question of size flared up again this week when Fassbender didn’t get an Oscar nom for Best Actor. This L.A. Times report wonders if jealous voters were suffering from penis envy.

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