“Help” Sweeps Up SAG Awards

The biggest surprise of Sunday night’s Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards (winners here) wasn’t that the ensembles of “Boardwalk Empire” and “Modern Family” won the top TV awards. Nor was it that “The Help” (pictured) won the top movie award for best ensemble. (“The Artist” is still going to win the Oscar for Best Picture.) Nor was it the triumph of Viola Davis as Best Actor/Female, setting her up to grab the Oscar, even though Meryl Streep, for “The Iron Lady,” is still hot on her heels. No, for me the biggest surprise was that Jean Dujardin, of “The Artist,” won Best Actor/Male. George Clooney, for “The Descendants,” had been winning most of the recent awards in that category, and looked to be on his way to the Oscar. But now the Best Actor race looks very competitive. As for the other categories, I shouldn’t be surprised that Jessica Lange keeps collecting awards for her Gothic gorgon in “American Horror Story,” but I am. In the supporting section of the movies, Christopher Plummer (“Beginners”) and Octavia Spencer (“The Help”) should start composing their Oscar speeches now. Minnie don’t burn no fried chicken, and her interpreter, Ms. Spencer, don’t lose no awards competitions.

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  1. What the hell was Meryl Streep wearing? Why doesn’t she hire a stylist? Or at least look in the mirror before she leaves for the event.

  2. Who gives a shit what Meryl wears? (It was Vivienne Westwood, for the record.) She transcends mere fashion.

  3. Don’t pick on Jessica Lange! It’s hard to get work with that many collapsed face lifts!

  4. I have loved Viola Davis ever since I first saw her on the stage. Brava!

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