ABC Prepping More Rich Shows

Like “Revenge” on ABC? (In my circle, “like” doesn’t begin to describe it, especially regarding the show’s Queen of Mean, played by Madeleine Stowe, pictured.) You’re about to get a lot more similar to it. The lion’s share of the ABC’s drama pilots in development for fall offer sudsy tales in the vein of the Hamptons-based drama that’s currently tearing up the screen on Wednesdays. For the fall, there are adaptations of the tomes “Scruples” and “666 Park Avenue” and another update of “Beauty and the Beast.” Why is pop culture so fascinated at the moment with the unhappiness of the rich? My theory: as long as Washington is bought off by the rich and doesn’t do the people’s business, watching the 1% suffer on TV is the only revenge open to us.

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