Strippers In Indianapolis? Really?

Buried deep in this account of remarks Madonna made to the press yesterday in Indianapolis is a squeak from one Kendra Gill, described as “a stripper at Brad’s Brass Flamingo” in the Indiana state capital. She says something banal like: “No one knows how to party like New Yorkers. And everyone knows they are the best tippers.” I am shocked, shocked — did I say shocked? — to hear that the Hoosier state allows such dens of iniquity as strip joints to flourish on its soil. Isn’t Indiana the home of Governor Mitch Daniels, whose recent Republican riposte to Obama’s State of the Union address was so prim and proper and judgmental as to make my late great aunt Mary look like the Whore of Gomorrah? How can such a pillar of righteousness as Gov. Daniels allow women to writhe on the pole under his very nose? I hope all this low life is squelched before Sunday’s game.

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