Here’s The Hottest New Technology

I only recently caught up to using Shazam. But I won’t be late to this tech party: A startup called SonicNotify embeds inaudibly high-pitched audio signals within music or any other audio track. When a compatible app hears that signal, it triggers any available smartphone function to link you to websites, display text, bring up map locations, display a photo, let you vote on which song a performer plays next and so on. Lady Gaga is about to use the technology on tour, but this week the service debuts at New York Fashion Week. Buyers and journalists with the app installed will be zapped an image of each model the instant they step onto the catwalk so they can examine the outfits up-close, in real time.

4 Comments to “Here’s The Hottest New Technology”

  1. Why didn’t Madonna use this technology at the Super Bowl?

  2. I don’t even understand Shazam. This new thing sounds way too complicated.

  3. Why do you have a picture of the Giants in the photos accompanying this article?

  4. Padma Lakshi looks like a tasty little morsel.

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