Screw The Grammys, Gimme Pizza!

Ask yourself: on Sunday night would you have rather spent hours putting yourself together and hours sitting in the Staples Center in L.A. trying not to misbehave or would you have rather been back home in your neighborhood stuffing yourself to the gluteus maximus with pizza? It’s hard not to think that Bey and Jay made the right decision when they skipped the Grammys and instead chowed down on Brooklyn pie.

4 Comments to “Screw The Grammys, Gimme Pizza!”

  1. I agree: choose pizza!

  2. Not at the Grammys, but I bet they’ll be at Whitney’s funeral on Friday.

  3. Doesn’t look as if Beyonce is too concerned with losing her supposed baby fat.

  4. I am so sick of these two!

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