Whitney Funeral To Be Livestreamed

Thank God: now I don’t have to take the PATH train to Newark. Whitney Houston’s funeral might only be intended for friends and family, but anyone with an Internet connection will be able to watch. Houston’s publicist Kristen Foster says the ceremony will be broadcast live on livestream.com/aplive on Saturday. It will also be aired on some satellite services. Aretha will be singing. I pray that none of those Newark gospel-choir kids tries to out-sing her.

4 Comments to “Whitney Funeral To Be Livestreamed”

  1. No one would dare try to outsing Aretha. She’d sit on them.

  2. I hope Aretha brings her A game to this thing.

  3. I am so happy I will get to see this. I loves you, Whitney.

  4. If the Diva tries Nessun Dorma again, Whitney herself, will rise up and say, “No girl. Not again, and certainly NOT at my parade”.

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